Monday, October 31, 2016

Cobourg's Premium Craft Beer Has a New Home!

We've really been enjoying this notion that we are keeping a secret. It's only been made more fun by the fact that nearly everyone already knows! Why no announcements? Well, I've always found it a bit underwhelming when people announce big changes several months ahead of time. I really wanted to drop it at the last minute. Well, we are there. With no further drama:

"William Street Beer Co. is excited to announce that we are moving operations to 975 Elgin St. West. Although we have been served well by our former location at 412 William Street, we have been forced to embrace a need for more production space and more refined guest spaces. Therefore, we made the decision to drift North."

"In our new location, we will be able to provide a broader spectrum of products in our retail store, as well as a fully functioning tap room licensed for 12oz servings. In addition, we will be serving a menu of locally sourced food items, specifically designed to showcase everything that makes Northumberland County (and it's talented artisans) great."

There are a great many people to thank and a thousand other exciting details to share. The important thing is this: We are committed to making world class beer and sharing it with friends in a comfortable environment. We want to foster a sense of community where locals and tourists can belly up to the bar together and revel at the quality of what Northumberland County offers.

Effective immediately, we are no longer open at 412 William Street.

We will be announcing our first day at 975 Elgin St. shortly, but we expect that it will be around November 15th.

Thank you all for your ongoing support!