Tuesday, May 5, 2015

William Street Beer Company's First Anniversary Frenzy

In the early days of April, 2014 we fired our brewhouse at 412 William Street for the first time. This milestone was a euphoric culmination of over a year of planning and dedicated effort. On April 26th, 2014 we quietly lit the "Open" sign and waited with uncertainty to see what might happen.

Over twelve months later, we are excited to invite all of our valued customers, neighbours and friends to join us for a celebration of how far we have come in one year. From 10am to 5pm on Saturday, May 9th we will be welcoming all comers for live local music, BBQ and beer sampling. Please keep an eye on our Facebook Event Page for details, musician profiles and schedules.

Our excellent friends at 92 King will be joining us to man the grill and to feature a spectacular BBQ sauce featuring Cliff Top Pale Ale as a primary ingredient. Big thanks to Drew and his team!

But what of the beer?

This weekend will be a very exciting one for beer on William Street. We will be featuring three diverse ales, with wildly different traits, all intended to celebrate the occasion and the season.

North Shore Blonde Ale - 5% ABV, 21 IBU's , 4.5 SRM
The first beer brewed at 412 William Street, this North American style Blonde has been a favourite of many since it was first introduced. It has been on hiatus since the fall, but we thought it appropriate to come full circle and feature it again for the anniversary. Light in both colour and texture, it is still bursting with flavour. If you tried it last year, you will be amazed by how far we've come!

White Sail Wheat - 5% ABV, 24 IBU's, 4.2 SRM
William Street Beer's North American Hefeweizen was the beer that defined the summer of 2014 and we are ecstatic to reintroduce it for this special weekend. Canadian barley and wheat malts are blended in a classic European style to produce a refreshing beer for summer. We anticipate that our racy mermaid is going to have another big year.

Dutch Rudder - 7.6% ABV, 25 IBU's, 23.3 SRM
Our first attempt at a barrel aged beer had to be a Traditional Bock. Brewed in the depths of our very cold winter, this lager style beer has been resting comfortably in Jim Beam bourbon barrels waiting for spring. Storing beer in oak is an exciting adventure into the unknown and we are excited to welcome Spring in a way that honours such a wonderful brewing tradition.
Supply of Dutch Rudder is very limited, so please try to get out on Saturday to grab a bottle. It's worth it

Thank you all for your wonderful support in year one of our brewing operations serving Cobourg, Port Hope and surrounding communities. We've had the opportunity to make countless wonderful friends and we are honoured every day to be a part of your downtime. Thank you for allowing William Street Beer into your fridges.