Sunday, December 21, 2014

Saturday Advent Series Week #3 - William Street Cranberry Saison

At the William Street Beer Co., we LOVE Belgian beers...particularly Saisons. We could not be more excited to introduce you to our first seasonal Saison, and it's a great one.

Traditionally, Saisons were brewed by farmers in cooler months and cellared for the upcoming season of fieldwork. In fact, farm workers were entitled by law to receive up to 5 quarts of saison per day to help them beat the late summer heat. The style has a very broad definition, but all boast an exciting bouquet of floral and spicy esters from the unique yeast strain.

The William Street Cranberry Saison weighs in a 8% Alc/Vol and is inspired by the holiday season in which it's released. It is built on a foundation of Canadian Pilsner Malt and Wheat Malt, with the addition of Canadian Amber Honey, it is beautifully fermentable. In the latter stages of the boil, we introduce a host of festive spices.

Once the bulk of Primary Fermentation has completed, we introduce Granny Smith Apple and Ontario Cranberries to summon the experience of a holiday feast in a glass.

William Street Cranberry Saison is available at our brewery store at 412 William Street in Cobourg, in 650ml bottles, while supplies last.

Friday, December 12, 2014

Saturday Advent Series Week 2 - William Street Winter Warmer

It is beginning to look a lot like Christmas on William Street! Our tree is lit and trimmed, we have been busying ourselves with gift baskets and custom orders, and bottling our hearts out. Response to the Robust Vanilla Porter has been great and we are pleased to add our next Saturday Advent beer - William Street Winter Warmer.

Our Winter Warmer (6% Alc/Vol) is a Spiced English Ale, perfect for a cool evening by the fire. It presents black in the glass with a tight tan head and posts a warming spicy nose that instantly conjures gingerbread. The malty sweetness is balanced by a very gentle hop presence and a distinct presence of cinnamon, nutmeg and all-spice.

Like the Robust Vanilla Porter, the Winter Warmer is best served at Cool Cellar Temperature (10-13C/ 50-55F) in a tulip style glass. However, a traditional shaker pint is also suitable.

William Street Winter Warmer is available as of 10am on Saturday, December 13th at our retail store at 412 William St. in Cobourg, in both 650ml bottles and 1.89L growlers.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

William Street Beer's Advent Saturday Series is Underway!

The production pipeline has been focused on the festive season for well over a month now and we are counting down to Christmas with a new festive release every weekend! The focus with this series is on very traditional ale styles...each with a holiday twist that adds some local flair to your holiday events.

The first of the series is the Robust Vanilla Porter (6.5% Alc/Vol). The traditional English Style Porter was actually a precurser of the beer that we now call stout. Porters which were marketed in London during the Victorian era were typically billed as "Extra Porter", Double Porter" or "Stout Porter" to identify the intensity and volume of roasted barley malts in the recipe. Therefore, the Porter really is a parent of the Stout in the UK beer family tree.

The William Street Beer Company is ecstatic to announce, after a great many requests, our first dark offering in our Robust Vanilla Porter. It is a sweet and creamy sum of six different malts, English hops and a traditional London Ale yeast. In the latter stages, we add a cluster of full vanilla beans which have been steeped in Premium Kentucky Bourbon Whisky. Yum.

We hope that you enjoy the first in our Christmas Seasonal Ales. The Robust Vanilla Porter is best served at Cool Cellar Temperature (10-13C / 50-55F) in a tulip style glass.

Robust Vanilla Porter is available now at our brewery retail store at 412 William Street in Cobourg while supplies last.